"The financial markets generally are unpredictable. So that one has to have different scenarios. The idea that you can actually predict what's going to happen contradicts my way of looking at the market." George Soros

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The thought of investing in the stock market may seem a little frightening at first, especially for those who have never done so. Wading into any uncharted territory is scary, but armed with some knowledge and guidance, the stock market is not so difficult to navigate and shares should form an integral part of any investment portfolio.

In fact, shares (equities) have been shown to be the best long-term investment, surpassing property, cash and fixed interest as a generator of wealth. Stock market shares have also been shown to be the number one investment, regardless of which tax bracket an investor falls into.

Patience in Investing

This is a very important topic indeed. Impatience might well be the number one enemy for any investor and patience is possibly the greatest virtue, or ally, an investor can have. Warren Buffett once said that “lethargy, bordering on sloth, should remain the cornerstone of an investment style.” So why is this the case?


Garbage Collection or Investing?

It would seem that taking losses is the hardest thing for most investors to do, especially retail investors. Most investors are reluctant to take a loss, which is probably the single biggest mistake in terms of investment habits. This unwillingness to take a loss leads in one direction… to junk accumulation.


Characteristics of an Attractive Investment

People often wonder how to choose a company to invest in. The truth is, there are several things to look at when determining whether a stock is a buy or not. With certain investors, what brings a stock to their attention, before they get the chance to analyse it, is an event of some sort that shifts the share price to a point at which they believe it may be undervalued. 



What is wealth to you? What are your financial objectives? Just about everybody spends a substantial amount of time and energy focusing on their personal financial situation, but most people don’t have specific goals. Everybody may have heard about the importance of goals a thousand times, but have still not set aside a small amount of time to contemplate specifics.



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Profile: Warren Buffett

Far and away the most famous and successful stock market investor of all time.


Why Invest in Shares?

Beyond shares being the best long-term investment and having tax benefits, they also offer other advantages, including flexibility and liquidity.


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