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The major benefit of DIY superannuation is that it enables participants to have greater control over their investments. Providing they abide by certain rules, trustee’s can invest in shares directly or even property. The tax implications are also of benefit as in enables trustees to invest through their SMSF and therefore be entitled to the tax breaks of this structure that they would not normally be able to benefit from. Another possible benefit is the potential to reduce costs in DIY superannuation against that of a publicly offered fund.

It is important to note that DIY superannuation will not suit everyone. It is a fairly large responsibility, with the nominated trustee required to ensure the fund is run in accordance with all the rules and regulations. In some cases, the benefits may not outweigh the requirements.

Profile: Warren Buffett

Far and away the most famous and successful stock market investor of all time.


Why Invest in Shares?

Beyond shares being the best long-term investment and having tax benefits, they also offer other advantages, including flexibility and liquidity.


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